Samsung CLP-360 Driver Download

Samsung CLP-360 Driver Download

Samsung CLP-360 Driver Download

Samsung CLP-360 Driver Download

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Samsung CLP-360 Driver Download

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Samsung CLP-360 Driver Download Windows
Samsung CLP-360 Driver Download Mac Os X
Samsung CLP-360 Driver Download Linux
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Printer Reviews–┬áThe Samsung CLP-360 could be a clean, compact electrostatic color printer, operating Samsung newly developed polymerized toner that your print additional colors and sharper vivid offers lines. It also gives your prints a nice glossy finish and allows an undesirable attenuation over time to avoid.

Samsung “The RECP technology” distinctive improves the overall quality of color printing and graphics also mechanically sharpened and text. The Samsung CLP-360 is a cost-conscious associated with the Eco button that helps you save ink and energy.

However, the Samsung CLP-360 uses minimal house still printed with more color. It utilizes PCS technology and new toner living polymer administer printing true color. What is more, involves the engineering design, requiring less building to complete, so it is ideal in the area. The CLP-360 is as easy to use and cost with a button a bit Eco provides the pressure and save energy to help. You can also print the contents of the screen immediately in one button click operation of a print screen bit.

Samsung distinctive RECP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) technology improves the overall quality and sound of your color printing, each output looks good collateral. It sharpens focus mechanically graphics and individual text, to eliminate duplication while solid objects unit area of white space.

Our newly developed polymerized toner smaller and more uniform particles than typical toner. Meaning, can the impressions have sharper lines and more vivid colors – serve to prevent paper curling. The high wax content improves the image and shine improves durability preventing unwanted damping.


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