Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver Download

Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver Download

Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver Download

Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver Download

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Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver Download

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Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver Download Windows
Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver Download Mac Os X
Samsung CLX-6260FD Driver Download Linux
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Printer Reviews–┬áSamsung CLX-6260FD Multifunction laser shading ($ 1000 from 28/11/2012) has class. Appearance and monitor results and the same product is of superior quality. Much higher, CLX-6260FD woke quickly and perform tasks with great skill. Just look for the cost of the toner, which can be very expensive.

CLX-6260FD has the full availability of most cases, you need: Wi-Fi, USB, and Gigabit Ethernet. The device is controlled using the 4.3-inch touchscreen, and an alternative menu and instinctively. As fax CLX-6260FD, the keyboard is available to call a phone number and enter a four-digit PIN secure printing. Although removing the default and take different, there is an additional catch printer Eco switch to the economy mode where it uses less toner- – especially true with this device.

CLX-6260FD come standard with 512MB of memory and is expandable up to 1GB. There is an additional alternative parallel USB-to-door for $ 100 per month for the predetermined duty cycle is 60,000 pages per month and the unit handed a one-year warranty. Programming supports each of the tasks that the CLX-6260FW is able (copy / fax / print / filter), and in addition to email and Internet printing. There is also a special session for the purpose of online networking and even convert ebooks.

CLX-6260FD seems a little short on the standard term paper, although by a small working group. Baseband holds 250 sheets, and a liner right down just above multi-plate contains 50 sheets. the performance of dishes, which is quite claustrophobically organized under the top-mount reader, holds 100 sheets. The base plates $ 189.99, 520 sheets, moderate climbs practice assistant to expand all over the capacity of 820 sheets. ADF (programmable feeders record) contains 100 leaves. Double-sided (duplex) and check both fully computerized.

Macintosh clients are gaining speed entertainment, for once: CLX-6260FD displayed win a normal level in our test Mac platform, but only the standard rate of our PC test phase. Content and monochrome report leave the unit for a total of 12.6 pages per minute (ppm) on the PC and 12.9 ppm on the Mac measure. Preview 4 by 6-inch photos print at 3.3 ppm on common paper to about 1.25 ppm in laser brightness of paper. On a Mac, sharing our printed newsletter PDF 6.4 ppm, and a shadow image scope of the entire page at 1.6 ppm. Duplicate left at 4.5 ppm. suitable scanning speed is also fast.

net results CLX-6260FD dark to say the least – less than what you see on any printer in its class. The shader performance is also notable for laser printers, with a palette that is convenient, but a bit off. With everything considered, you are not likely to complain about everything that makes this printer.

Toner costs for the CLX-6260FD region normal to face, so it will pay to look around. Given the normal selling rate the information provided by Samsung, which is the standard 2000 pages black cartridge size available for approximately $ 64 or 3.2 cents, which is reasonable for each page (CPP). $ 79, 1500 cyan, red pages, and yellow cartridges are working for each RPC 5.3. That sums up 19 cents for four pages shading pattern, which is an expensive little than usual. the best steps to be taken with an upper limit of $ 141, 6000 pages, black, natural, CPP 2.3; and $ 132, shading cartridge 3500 pages, 3.8 PPC respectively, for a total of 13.7 cents for four pages shading.


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